Discover a region anchored in tradition.

Watch a performance by a Celtic Circle: a friendly experience combining traditional costumes and dances. And to immerse yourself a bit more in Breton culture, head to the famous Fest-Noz (night festivals), events recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Every Wednesday evening in the summer, join in the dance at Péniti Celtic Nights in La Forêt-Fouesnant. Experience pardon ceremonies in the heart of the Brittany Riviera: a moment of traditional Breton faith for many inhabitants.

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Brittany’s heritage

Visit our rich historical heritage Wander through the paths and roads of the Brittany Riviera and uncover beautiful landmarks across the territory. Among our 21...

Traditional festivals

The Brittany Riviera invites you on a never-ending cultural journey: music, dancing and Breton legends. Come and discover our traditions! In the summer, the Brittany...

Cultural visits

Brittany is brimming with rich cultural and historical heritage including castles, fortified towns, churches and museums. Here’s the list of sites to discover: