The Breton Riviera

The Breton Riviera

Fouesnant-les Glénan

The Breton Riviera

La Forêt-Fouesnant

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  • 26 km sandy beaches
  • 250 km hiking trails
  • 3 designated tourism resorts

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The Brittany Riviera

The ultimate holiday destination for calm and wellbeing, the Brittany Riviera offers a wide array of impressive landscapes, with long sandy beaches, intimate coves, island paradises and marinas. The area is also home to protected natural sites and a unique local flower: Glénan Narcissus. Discover these breathtaking landscapes with one of the many activities on offer: water sports, hiking, cycling, golf, spas and casinos. A complete range of accommodations are also available: hotels, campsites, tourist residences, holiday rentals and more. Welcome to Finistère’s top holiday destination!

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At Brittany’s southern tip, in the heart of the Brittany Riviera, Bénodet is an ideal coastal destination along the Odet River, just 15 km from Quimper. At the mouth of the Odet, Bénodet is one of Finistère’s loveliest seaside resorts. Its quality amenities include a marina, a Thalasso seawater spa, a casino, a cinema, the Seaside Museum and of course large sandy beaches.

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This little coastal town boasts a perfect blend of sea and countryside. With 17 km of coastline, 13 km of which are sandy beaches, the town is a very popular spot. Here, nature reigns, with natural sites preserved by the Coastal Protection Agency and a blissful archipelago with a unique local flower that blooms on Saint-Nicolas Island: the Narcisse.

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La Forêt-Fouesnant

Right on the ocean, this wooded Breton village enjoys an ideal location. Along its walking and hiking trails, discover its old port, its majestic granite church, its long sandy beach, its 18-hole golf course and its marina, “Port La Forêt”, where you can cross paths with the world’s best ocean racing skippers.

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In a lush green setting between Pleuven, Gouesnac’h and Bénodet, the town’s Cornouaille Bridge connects it with the southern Bigouden region. The Odet River flows through the town for 6 km, from the Anse Penfoul inlet to Guernevin Mill. The area is brimming with forests, with several ancient wonders hidden throughout, including the castles of Bodino, Kergos and Cheffontaines as well as Squividan Manor. For an active holiday, enjoy a round of golf at the Odet 18-hole course.


On your way to the beaches of Bénodet and Fouesnant from Quimper, you’ll cross through Pleuven, in the heart of the Brittany Riviera. The countryside of this lush green town is brimming with walking trails and religious heritage.


Saint-Evarzec boasts a remarkable location in the district of Fouesnant, halfway between the beaches and the towns of Quimper and Concarneau. Discover the wide-open spaces and unspoilt natural sites along one of the many hiking trails. Saint-Evarzec offers a multitude of landscapes including religious heritage, menhirs, streams and ponds.


Just a dozen kilometres from Quimper, and a few kilometres from Bénodet, the town of Gouesnac’h boasts an extraordinary natural setting, where water and plant life are in perfect harmony. The Odet River is one of the most beautiful in France; it winds along here for 14 km from Anse Saint Cadou inlet to Pors Guen where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

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