Discover our selection of 10 exceptional sites to enjoy your holiday in the Brittany Riviera to the fullest.

Admire our magnificent natural vistas: along the coast, in the countryside and at our heritage and natural sites. Ready to take a journey?

#1 ❤ the Glénan Islands, Fouesnant

  • A protected natural site
  • A local flower: the narcissus
  • The ultimate spot for boating

#2 ❤ The mer blanche between Bénodet and Fouesnant

  • The “White Sea” is a long bar of dunes and beaches
  • The perfect place for bird watching
  • Letty Beach

#3 ❤ The Old Harbour, Bénodet

  • Port of departure for cruises on the Odet River or to the Glénan Islands
  • Stroll along the cliff walk
  • Saint-Thomas Becket Church

#4❤ Les planches wooden walkway, Bénodet

  • A coastal walk with stunning views of the ocean
  • Enjoy seaside ice cream at ‘Bankiz’
  • A lively and connected place

#5 ❤ Mousterlin Marsh, Fouesnant

  • A protected natural site
  • A 7 km circle trail for hiking or cycling
  • A 120 ha marsh with a 6 ha pond, canals, backdunes and wet grasslands, where Shetland ponies graze peacefully.

#6 ❤ The Beg-Meil slipway, Fouesnant

  • Little port popular in the summer (fish market, departure for boats…)
  • Starting point for walks on the trail along the coast
  • Boating centre: kayaking, paddleboarding, scuba diving, etc.

#7 ❤ The roche percée in Beg-Meil, Fouesnant

  • A unique, “pierced” rock formation
  • Magnificent landscapes
  • An intimate cove

#8 ❤ Bot Conan in Beg-Meil, Fouesnant

  • One of the most beautiful coves
  • Shaded and shielded from the wind
  • A haven of peace

#9 ❤ Port La Forêt marina, La Forêt-Fouesnant

  • A hotspot for ocean racing
  • The largest marina in South Brittany
  • Port of departure for cruises to the Glénan Islands

#10 ❤ anse Saint-Laurent inlet, La Forêt-Fouesnant

  • A protected natural site
  • A trail along the coast with stunning landscapes
  • One of the most beautiful hikes in the Brittany Riviera